The legal industry is undoubtedly one of the most rapidly evolving industries, both in Greece and abroad. With a wide spectrum of disciplines, ranging from civil & commercial to criminal law, the legal profession is certainly one of the most fascinating and, yet, complex as it applies to all market sectors of the modern economy.

Always at the forefront, BOUSSIAS enters the legal world, with LAWYER | The Business Magazine, a new monthly, subscription-based legal magazine.

Adopting a business orientated approach, LAWYER aspires to bring the latest industry news and updates and create a reference point for the contemporary, cutting-edge issues facing the legal profession.

LAWYER hosts inspiring, leading personalities and all-star teams, both from the legal industry and the core market sectors, including (but not limited to) technology, retail, food & beverages, pharma, tourism, transportation, banking etc.

Each month, the LAWYER’s editorial team, together with the invaluable contribution of top-tier professionals and industry experts, put together a series of articles, interviews, cover stories and market reports that cover all areas of commercial, civil and business law, with a strong focus on the legal issues’ business perspective, as well as the trends and practices at a global level, with the involvement of respectable foreign market leaders and legal professionals. 

LAWYER | The Business Magazine is addressed to:

  • In-house lawyers
  • Law Firms
  • Lawyers
  • Institutions
  • Academics
  • Businesses

At the core of LAWYER | The Business Magazine lie culture, values, teams and, first and foremost, people who inspire, engage and motivate readers.