Marketing and the vast ecosystem around it, is one of the most vibrant and evolving industries of the modern world. Brands sit at the heart of this amazing universe that comprises of communication agencies, publishers, social media, ad tech companies and many other disciplines, that strive to provide unique ideas, creativity and services for building strong, engaging and loved brands. Technology evolution along with major socioeconomic shifts, reshape the industry, that witnesses constant emergence of innovative methodologies, platforms and tools.

BOUSSIAS stands as a unique source of valuable insights and information regarding this universe, through a variety of publications, conferences and award shows. As a leading, b2b multimedia platform, BOUSSIAS infiltrates every new trend, transforming it into information and event products that help executives advance their business and personal careers.

For the industry of Marketing, Advertising & Media, BOUSSIAS provides:
• MarketingWeek magazine
• DailyFax newsletter
• Conferences
• Awards

MarketingWeek is a biweekly print magazine, for the Advertising, Marketing & Media industries. With local and international in-depth analysis, special features and prestige interviews, it provides valuable insights for communication agencies of all disciplines, marketers of all segments and publishers (digital and traditional), helping them to advance their business and personal careers. Marketing Week is also present at the biggest and most important events, conferences and award shows for the industry, reporting on the “beat” of every relevant market. It is the longest running magazine of its kind in Greece and is acknowledged as the leading, quality-oriented insights source for the industry.
Marketing Week is subscription based and is distributed to over 5,000 executives.

DailyFax is a daily, subscription-based newsletter, for the Advertising, Marketing & Media industries. It reports news about classic and modern marketing & communications, of all relevant disciplines and for all advertised market segments. News about specs, launches, new business, executives on the move, along with the most important international trends, keep professionals at their best “daily informed” shape, helping them to advance their business and personal careers. Established in 1994, it was the first daily newsletter of its kind in Greece and has been acknowledged ever since as the leading, credible news source for the industry. Daily Fax’s readership exceeds 15,000 executives.