August 22, 2020


The training of the employees of BOUSSIAS  is one of our top priorities. Every year, our executives participate in a series of very demanding training programmes to enhance and fortify their skills. At the moment, “Executive Coaching” on Impact, Christine Dawson’s NLP programme, the seminars “Women in Leadership” and “Purposeful Leadership” by Linkage and the seminar “Sales Mastery” by Optimal HR are currently in progress.

Presently, the company is offering English lessons once a week during office hours. Throughout the year the new media department, as well as our creative executives, have undergone training.
Especially in our day, where the new inclination in the labour force requires new skills and tools, at Boussias we pledge that the investment in the training of employees will continue and be the focal point and be enriched annually with new training programmes.

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